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Creative minds are rarely tidy
There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.
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26th-Aug-2020 12:33 pm - Fic Masterlist
summer umbrella

American Idol

Adam Lambert/Tommy Ratliff

  • Attraction-- I need to figure out what happened last night fast. I certainly can't ask him. The fact that I'm completely naked makes it mostly clear really, but why? Well, I know why, but what made me decide it mattered last night?<

  • Late Night Visit--Companion to Attraction. Adam's view of what happened when Tommy showed up at his house.

  • Snapshot Series: Summer Vacation--Adam's family decides to spend the summer at a campground and Adam expects to be friendless and miserable.

  • The Hardest Thing In Life--Allison's birthday. Neither Adam or Tommy realize the other's feelings.

  • Kiss Series-- disjointed series of Lambliff kisses all in the same AU 'verse but not necessarily connected to form a unified story. Each one should stand alone as its own story.

  • Matchmaker-- College AU, Brad plays matchmaker.

  • That Show-- Adam finds out Tommy's guilty pleasure.

Adam Lambert/Kris Allen

  • Revelation Drabble Series--A series of drabbles based on the 25_moments prompts.

  • Five Senses-- It was funny how someone could start to just overtake all of your senses sometimes.

  • A Little Foolishness and a Lot of Curiousity--High School AU. Kris and Adam are roommates at a private boys' school.

  • The Shell Must Be Broken--AU. Kris is a high school librarian who just really wants to avoid any attention. Adam is the school's new music teacher.

  • Story of a Lifetime--AU. Adam is sent to a small town to write an article about the perfect vacation, that he expects to hate. After an accident he ends up meeting someone who may make his exile an interesting vacation after all and could also give him the story of a lifetime.

  • Perfect Pet--Adam sends Kris the Perfect Pet

1st-Nov-2012 07:53 pm - Long time, no update...
terrance noh8
Lets just bullet point my thoughts because they're kinda random right now...

1. I want to write but I don't know what...None of my 60 saved prompts are appealing to me at the moment, nor is the next chapter of the fic I'm working on already.

2. I have a dreamwidth account, should I start moving fic over there and crossposting it all? Incase everyone defects because of the flist changes.

3. Should I attempt NaNo even though there's a 7 day period I know I won't write and just use it as a reason to write daily?

4. My summery layout is outdated, I need to do something about that.

5. Also need some wintery icons

6. Do I need a website for my fic or am I just doing considering to avoid actually working on things I need to do?

So how is everyone else?
Note Many thanks to the always awesome elizabuffy for saving me from posting these with the titles of Drabble 1 and Drabble 2 by giving them titles. :)

These were both taken from prompts in an Android writing app for Kindle Fire so the first isn't a true drabble but a 55 word story which was what the prompt called for.

Title: Time to Pop
Rating: G
Character: Tommy
Word Count: 55 words
Disclaimer: I always find this silly and obvious.
Summary: I'm playing with my writing prompt app for Kindle Fire. This prompt was 55 word story on the subject of writing.

Time to PopCollapse )

Title: Discovery and Courage
Rating: G
Character: Tommy
Word Count: 100 words
Disclaimer: I always find this silly and obvious.
Summary: I'm playing with my writing prompt app for Kindle Fire. This prompt was 100 word story on the subject of travel.

Discovery and CourageCollapse )
4th-Sep-2012 11:10 am - Drabble: Decompress 1/1 Tommy G
Rating: G
Character: Tommy
Word Count: 100 (I love doing drabbles!)
Disclaimer: I always find this silly and obvious.
Summary: I'm playing with my writing prompt app for Kindle Fire. This prompt was Genre: Hobby/Craft, Type of writing: Drabble.
Beta: Beta'd by the very very awesome elizabuffy.

Read more...Collapse )
The fabulous elizabuffy wrote a timestamp to The Shell Must Break and just posted it today. If you enjoyed the fic I definintely recommend going to read it. She did a wonderful job of continuing the story and adding her own sappiness to it. ;)

Title: Summer in Arkansas, a sequel of sorts to The Shell Must Break by firelit_dreams
Author: elizabuffy
Rating: Hard R (apparently I can't write anything PG)
Pairing: Adam/Kris
Disclaimer: A vague disclaimer is nobody's friend.
Author's Notes: Set in firelit_dreams' amazing The Shell Must Break 'verse. I read it and had to write more to the story. Luckily, firelit_dreams is amazing and has given me permission to play in her sandbox. I love her so much!
Summary: It's summer time and Kris, Adam, and Kris' son, David, head out to Arkansas for the first time in four years. There they meet with a blast from Kris' past.
Word Count: ~1240
Beta: firelit_dreams Yes, I suck and made her beta her own present, but she knows I love her (I hope!)
Additional Info: This is probably the sappiest, cheesiest thing written. Ever. You've been warned. ;)

Summer in Arkansas by Elizabuffy
11th-Jun-2012 06:44 pm - New Layout
summer umbrella
The absolutely fabulous rua1412 has made me a beautiful new summer layout.

Check it out firelit_dreams
31st-May-2012 05:16 pm - Ficlet: That Show
Title: That Show
Author: Firelit_dreams
Rating: G
Characters: Adam, Tommy
Summary Adam discovers Tommy's guilty pleasure.
Notes This is unbetaed because it's short and because it's written for my very awesome beta and BFF elizabuffy. Because she's an awesome friend and being extremely patient about getting her birthday fic and because her current obsession is just too great not to make fun of.

Read more...Collapse )
19th-May-2012 09:34 pm - Writing Goals
For anyone interested if I'm actually meeting those writing goals I set the other day. I did find an awesome site called Storytoolz that has progress meters. I've put them on my profile page. The weekly one will change every week (obviously) since I can only have 3 active meters at a time and the monthly will change every month.

I did meet this week's goal. Actually went over it. So here's the meters and where they stand today.

Click to view daily statistics

Click to view daily statistics

and this is one for the rpf_big_bang that I signed up for, if anyone wants to see my progress there...

Click to view daily statistics
19th-May-2012 09:21 pm - Drabble: Perfect Pet 1/1 Kris/Adam
Title: Perfect Pet
Author: Firelit_dreams
Rating: G
Pairing: Kris/Adam (sort of)
Summary: For this I used a writing prompt app on my Kindle Fire. The prompt it gave me was: Use these three items in a 100 word story: A canary, a laptop, and a blanket. And I did say I'd post something every week so this is my weekly post, that I said I was going to try to make.

Read more...Collapse )
14th-May-2012 05:55 pm - New goal
Okay, I reread the two WiPs I have and sadly I have lost the plot for them. This is sadly what happens when I take long breaks from writing. I still like the story ideas though and want to write them and will but I'm going to have to trash them and start over.

So I'm setting a new goal for myself...or goals. Small goals, I don't do well with big ones.

I want to write every day, that's goal one. I want to say 300 words a day. It's a low number that I should be able to do even on days RL is busy.
I'm going to set a weekly goal of 2000 words. (Yes, I know that's less than 300 a day but I want the leeway that I could miss a day occasionally)
And a monthly goal of 7500 words.

I also want a goal of posting something at least once a week. It may only be a drabble but as bad as this may be feedback helps me write. I know I should write for myself and I do, but knowing people like what I write helps move it along faster.

I'm going to be looking for word counters I can use to keep track of weekly and monthly numbers.

But what I really really need is someone that will nag me daily to do those 300 words...elizabuffy you up for this job?

I know I'm starting midweek and mid month but this will start tomorrow.

So goals for May will be this week 1000 words, and 3750 for this month.

And expect at least a drabble by Saturday hopefully a fic for EB if I can get it all done since it should be a one shot.
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